Y Beudy Holiday Cottage

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Dog Stay Policy

We love dogs and are very happy to welcome them into our holiday cottage, hoping they have a lovely holiday. Please note the following policy:

1. Maximum of two dogs allowed.
2. Dogs must be a minimum of 12 months old.

Health and Care:
– Dogs must be up to date on their annual vaccinations, de-flead, and wormed prior to arrival.
– Dogs should not have been in a kennel or similar location within the last 8 weeks, nor suffered from kennel cough in the last 6 months.

– We expect your dog(s) to be well socialized as they may meet another dog staying with us.
– If your dog(s) display any aggression, we reserve the right to ask you to remove the animal(s) from our premises.
– Please ensure your dog(s) do not yap or bark incessantly, as it can upset our guests and neighbors.

– Dogs are not allowed in the bedrooms or on furniture, even with a blanket.
– This is for hygiene reasons, as future guests may have pet dander allergies. No amount of cleaning can completely eliminate it.
– Please never leave pets unattended in the property or the garden.
– Note that our fencing is “stock-proof” and not “dog-proof.” Small dogs may be able to squeeze under or through the fencing/gates or jump over them.
– Dogs should be thoroughly cleaned and dried when coming in from outside.

Cleanliness and Damage:
– Always clean up after your dog, including on the lanes and in our fields. A dedicated bin is provided for disposal.
– If your dog causes any damage, we expect you to pay for replacement/repair and potential loss of revenue if the cottage needs to be decommissioned.

Thank you for adhering to our dog stay policy.